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Aspiring actress Ms. Sasha Ramano is trying her best to kill old habits. Especially after meeting a well-known and respected hustler Terrence King Jr. Aka T.K. Although T.K. is not a lover Sasha insists on treating him like a king. She cooks for him, keeps his clothes washed, ironed and folded. She even went as far as giving T.K. a key to her apartment. T.K. finally realizes that he may be in love with Sasha after they're caught in a shootout and Sasha tries to protect him. Slowly but surely T.K. and Sasha are going to come up. Only one thing is standing in their way. Ms. Saden!!! T.K.'s ex-girlfriend!!! But Sasha had made her mark. She's already and will remain; A Gangster's Best friend or maybe even his wife!!!

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