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Sometimes, change can be a good thing. For Mega, change comes at the most inopportune time. Omega had everything that he could?ve ever wanted. He had the spotlight in media for his abilities on the gridiron, a girlfriend who could?ve passed for a model, a loving family and supportive friends. When all of it is taken away from him, he?s left standing, confused, wondering how and why everything could?ve taken a left turn without his knowing. However? once known as the comeback kid? Omega faces even more when he?s introduced to unfair advantage in college. Everywhere he turns, just like on the football field, a huntsman is ready to plow him over. He?s forced to reach out to his friends to do the unthinkable when bills pile up, lies are spewed and his family is damn near ripped to shreds. Omega becomes ?Mega? in order to keep the peace there once had been, and steps up to the plate to make sure his family, financially, is set. With it comes many consequences and repercussions. Many off-putting distractions like ones with pretty eyes, thin waistlines and gorgeous smiles. Can he keep up with what he set out to do? Or will one of these distractions be his downfall? If Omega could pull off scoring the winning touchdown in the last second of the last game of his high school career, will he make it out of his journey with his pride, livelihood and manhood in-tact? Or will there be yet another unexpected change that will divert his cause altogether?

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