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The Search for Amara introduced you to Dontay. Now Dontay is beginning his journey into the college life. Being a freshman on campus introduces him to a whole new world of girls, and he does not know how to control himself. His good looks, charming personality, and a new found love of playing soccer makes him the ‘big man’ on campus! Leaving Amara behind and brokenhearted, Dontay is now free to play. He takes on girl after girl, starting and ending relationships, until he meets Veronika. Veronika appears to be the female version of Dontay...at first! Veronika falls hard and becomes increasingly possessive over Dontay, who still has not learned that social media always leaves evidence. The drama begins as Dontay finds himself being treated like a celebrity while attending a few parties back in his hometown during winter break. The girls constantly snap and post pictures with him in them all over Instagram. Veronika constantly sees pictures that take her to a point of no return, and she is determined to make him pay. Dontay tries over and over again to explain that there is nothing going on, which always end with Veronika responding, “Lie again! I saw y’all on Instagram!” What will happen when social media starts a downward spiral for Dontay? Will he change his ways…or will tragedy strike?

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