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Before getting locked up, Jay was what you would call a full-time jack boy/ part-time hustler. In prison his outlook on life changes and he is at a point where something has to give. Fresh out of the pen and with bills due, he knows he will have to do something that he promised himself he’d never do again. He’s also made a vow to his son to never get locked up again. Listening to his son’s mother complain about money and hooking back up with his old friend Donte, that old lifestyle begins to haunt him. Eventually, he feels that he has no choice but to give in to his past.

When Donte's girlfriend Monae freezes up during the robbery setup of Winston-Salem's biggest dope man, Fly Ty, bodies begin to drop. When he realizes that his son’s mother Kim and her friend Rhea are part of the body count, the situation gets out of hand. Not knowing the reasons behind Jay’s actions, Kim's cousin learns of the hit and sets out to even the score. Things are just starting to heat up after an unsuspected knock on Jay's door seals his fate and leaves a mark of blood stained tears.


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