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When you set your mind to do something, it’s easy to quit, but it takes strength to follow through. No matter what obstacles you may face; setbacks, incarceration, or even losing your love.


Trayshaun “Hell Rell” Simpson was a local street hustler with a determination to get his dough by any means necessary. A hard work ethic instilled from being raised by his grandfather, he continued to make moves and ran through anything that could possibly get in his way from living his dream as a music artist.

Earning a dual major in Psychology & Computer Science, his fiancée, Elisa Holder grew up on the other side of the tracks, but always had a heart for street guys from the time she could actually remember. Pregnant and due any day now, Elisa turned from a sweet Cum Laude graduate to a professional criminal overnight to guarantee her families’ future stayed intact.

They say “karma is a bad chick with red stilettos.” Trayshaun must now feel the same pain that he caused so many before him; when he receives some heartbreaking news and jail time in the same night. With nothing left in the world, he must continue fighting to make the love of his life proud by fulfilling his dreams.

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