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Christopher Graham aka “Game” and his friend Derrick are two average teens growing up in the hood. Their ultimate plan in life is to get on, join the come up, and live the fast life with money, cars, and big mansions. The plan to hit up the city's most notorious boss proves to be more than they can handle when things go left after Almighty catches wind of the planned hit. As he sends out his hitta, a female Derrick look-alike to silence two friends for good and collect what they have stolen, Almighty's plans are brought to a standstill when his number one wing man Hasann's girlfriend Dena warns Game about the hit, resulting in her and Hasann's deaths.

With the ultimate betrayal turns bloodshed, the need to be the boss is at an all-time high as Derrick and Game's friendship is put to the test as Almighty finds out that he and one of his bossed up friends share more than just blood stained money in this game of Boss Moves...

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