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Dear Supporter,

I’m sure that we can all agree on one thing: literacy is an important skill that everyone should be allowed to exercise. Whether you’re a lover of gritty street drama, erotic enlightenment, or riveting romance, the opportunity to avail yourself of quality reads to sharpen your mind and sate your thirst for literature should always be available to you no matter who you are or where you are.

Diamante’ Publications believes in equal opportunity where literacy is concerned. In line with our beliefs, we’ve developed Diamonds on Lock, a prison book program that provides incarcerated readers with quality reading material monthly at a cheaper rate. By enrolling your imprisoned loved one in this program you are not only supporting literacy but also showing your family member/friend that you love them and you support their interests.

How Does It Work?

Book Selection: Subscribed inmates will receive three (3) Diamante Publications novels monthly. As your inmate’s D.O.L. subscriber, you must visit the Diamonds on Lock webpage monthly to select your inmate’s book choices or three (3) novels will be randomly selected by our staff.

Payments: Monthly subscriptions are $25.00 per inmate. Subscription payments must be made online solely via the D.O. L. (Diamante’ Publications) website. Subscriptions are pay as you go with no contract holding you to monthly obligations. For each month that you desire for your inmate to receive a shipment, you simply pay the subscription fee for that month. For your inconvenience, you have the choice of also paying for multiple months upfront to ensure that your inmate receives a shipment for each of those months. Book selections will only be sent out upon receipt of payment.

Shipment: Each month your inmate’s book selections will be sent directly to them from us. Simply provide us with their complete institution mailing address and inmate number to assure proper delivery.


It’s really just that easy. With the click of a button and for only $25.00 per month at your discretion, you can put hot and new releases in the palms of your loved ones hands. We at Diamante’ Publications thank you for your interest in maintaining active literacy skills and going above and beyond to support your inmate’s reading interests. We look forward to serving you and building a lasting relationship that will enhance the overall literary community.



Ebonee’ Oliver, CEO

Brandon Abby, President



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