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The need to gain power and claim the world is at an all-time high as the Lashey Empire begins to crumble on the very foundation it was built on. Cocoa has the world at her feet and has finally proclaimed the throne as New York's infamous Coke Queen. With her father William Lashey still behind bars and all the bad seeds gone she can finally build a solid dynasty of money power and respect; that is until she is taken down by the one friend she thought would never betray her. Cocoa is forced to leave her throne behind leaving Angelo and Shorty to continue on with the legacy. Things seem to be coming together for these two except for one thing; they are outnumbered in crew members and knowledge. With the help of Sonia, a bad ass from the slums of the Bronx and Lil Tae, the street smart kid whose only mission is to work for the Queen herself, they begin putting together a newer crew while learning that Cocoa Lashey has resurfaced, or has she? Cocoa's bestie Ebonee has been doing business with Cophee who bears a very strong resemblance to Cocoa. Get ready to keep your weapons locked and loaded as this throttled sequel brings you flying bullets, gun fights, and decapitations. As the story unravels, prepare for a double dose of Cocoa Lashey in Dope The Rise of A Coke Queen 2: A Double Take

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