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"Mmmmmm just like that daddi" Terri moaned out as her boy toy for that evening Tk fulfilled her needs. This was a regular thing for Terri as she struggled with her life as an undercover nympho. Sure she had her side adventures but Tk was her main and he knew how to please her in every way imaginable but nothing satisfies her more than when Tk asks her to find another woman to join in on their fantasies but there is one catch this girl must wear laced panties only. Terri was successful in her tasks after meeting Amina a night club singer known to her friends as "The Spanish Butterfly."  Amina is easily intrigued by Terri and soon after agrees to go home with her to meet Tk. Tk is blown away by Amina's beauty as he can't seem to keep his tongue off Amina while Terri is not around.  Tk falls even deeper in love with Amina as he learns that she is called the Spanish Butterfly because of the Butterflies that she has on every pair of Laced Panties, she owns. Terri soons grows jealous of Amina and does everything in her power to regain his affection as the tables now eturn She now finds her self on the outside looking in.




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