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Amara has always lived a good and sheltered life, but as she enters high school she beings a true search for who she really is. Growing up, her mother and grandmother always placed her on this pedestal. Amara is a genius and above all her peers especially after an early promotion. She grew up with her classmates and even though she is exceptionally smart, she didn’t stand out. Entering into a new private high school for the wealthy and extremely gifted, Amara gets more than she bargained for.

Amara is now walking the halls with children whose parents are on television weekly, have more money in their trust than her parents make in a year, and children who have nannies that raise them and not their parents. Which means anything goes! Amara is faced with peer pressure, bullying, and even drugs. She faces depression and feels all alone, which leads her to following the crowd just to have friends.

Meeting Sky seems like a gift from above, but does she have ulterior motives? Amara will go through many lessons before she understands what her grandmother always tells her, “Sometimes friends are enemies in disguise”. Depression, overly conscience of her self-image, fitting in with the cool crowd, and adjusting to high school are just some of the issues young Amara will face in the search for who she truly is.

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