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Welcome to Aurora where The People are friendly the Coffee is always Hot and Fresh and KARMA is A Bitch at least Kharma Gomez is as she continues on her spree of payback in her once quiet town. Adam D Harris is sought out by his scornful mistress and doesn't mind going through anyone standing in her way with Kacey gone and Jonathan being too afraid to speak she finally moves in closer to taking out her main target but this time she's not alone as Lana Harris decides that she will be the only Mrs Harris and Plans to take everything he owns with the help of Kharma. Adam Harris is dumb founded when he finds out that his wife and side chick has joined forces . Lana dosed Adam with his own medicine when she come clean and reveals A shocking Paternity Secret. Kharma refuses to give up on her own plans for Mayor Harris as she once more takes something away from Lana Harris only this time its for Good......

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