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Born and raised in Atlanta, Lady and Vontae Wilson was what you would call the “perfect couple” until everything changed in the blink of an eyes.   Not only did Lady lose the man she fell deeply in love with, but she also betrayed some very important people in the process.   With no way out other than to leave the city, she and her sister Lika headed to DC with only the clothes they had on their backs.

Eventually Lady met a high level drug dealer by the name of David who swept her off her feet.   Used to everything being given to her, Lady’s prior circumstances forced her to go and get it on her own until she met him.   He showered her with money, gifts and anything a woman’s heart desired.   Drugs, money, and murder were an everyday thing in the city of D.C. where Lady adapted to her habitat and turned into a beast of her own.

  David fell hard for Lady and made it his responsibility to take care of her after hearing about her heartbroken past.   Of course that was until her past suddenly catches up with her.   Lies, betrayal, deceit and envy eventually take over their lives.   Will Lady fall victim and get caught up in her past? Is David to be trusted after being the only person who knows her secrets? Stay tuned and ride along as the story unfolds.

Unbreakable Ties is full of action and drama that will have you turning pages like never before.  

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